Putting Contractor Success First w/ METUS

Lacey Dietz with METUS and Scott Arnold with Rycor HVAC join the podcast to talk about how the industry can start putting contractor success first. They talk about Mitsubishi Electric (METUS)’s commitment to contractor success and what that looks like.

METUS’s contractor program aims to provide training, support, and recognition to create a community of successful contractors. Support comes in the form of marketing, training, tech support, and customer service, and those services are available to contractors who sell and represent Mitsubishi’s products.

As a contractor who works with Mitsubishi, Scott has been able to specialize the labor in his business and grow his business as one that specializes in installing Mitsubishi systems. Mitsubishi also provided top-quality training and allowed Scott to streamline his training process and get his apprentices feeling confident and ready to go into the field quickly.

Adoption rates for Mitsubishi’s ductless technology have increased over the past couple of years, especially as people have spent more time in their homes and started re-thinking indoor comfort. Those who are educated about heat pumps also tend to appreciate the technology as well as the mini-split units’ small footprints in their homes. The mini-split units’ smaller environmental impact than unitary systems is also a plus.

Lacey, Scott, and Bryan also discuss:

  • Scott’s work with heat pumps in New York
  • Programs that benefit contractors
  • Mitsubishi’s products and supply chain management
  • Diamond Contractor program and tiered contractors
  • Mitsubishi’s lead generation program and referrals
  • Ductless vs. unitary systems
  • Bringing education into sales
  • Dealing with business growth in a challenging labor market
  • Overcoming objections


Learn more about Mitsubishi and its products, visit, and you can learn how to become a contractor at

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