New Business Processes #LIVE

We discuss some of the new, possibly strange-sounding business processes we've decided to implement at Kalos in 2020.

First of all, we are going to add terms and conditions that our customers must agree to. These terms and conditions include a “hold harmless” disclaimer regarding viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Florida forbids us from discussing mold, so a “hold harmless” disclaimer protects us from liability for something we aren't even allowed to discuss.

We also have to reinforce automobile safety to protect ourselves and our employees. Small fender-benders can spiral into serious legal problems when we lack proper evidence, so we decided to use GPS technology and dashcams in company vehicles. That way, we can collect more data on incidents to see who is really at fault in an accident. We've also clarified safety practices in our employee handbook.

New business processes also include changing how we pay people per diem. In our construction and refrigeration divisions, our employees eat and sleep out of town, so they need compensation. We've put new processes in place to reimburse employees for those expenses without taxing that money. We also set rules based on the time of year, zip code, and average food/lodging rates.

Overall, most of our new business practices are going into place to make Kalos a safer workplace with more efficient administrative processes

We also discuss:

  • Warranties on certain products
  • “Assumption of privacy”
  • Company credit cards vs. gas cards
  • Dispatch/service software
  • IRS “proof of transactions”
  • Nurse triage and dealing with injuries
  • Worker's compensation rates
  • OSHA training and SDS
  • Document signage and subcontractor agreements
  • SambaSafety
  • Slack vs. ServiceTitan
  • Keeping track of parts, inventory losses, and supply house plans
  • “Kaizen”

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