Live w/ Mike from Refrigeration Technologies

Mike from Refrigeration Technologies talks to us about his journey in business, some new and old products, and how well the business is growing.

Refrigeration Technologies tries to make products that do the job correctly the first time and are safe for techs to use. The products are odorless, don't burn skin, and are safe around food. John and Mike Pastorello are passionate about using chemistry to make quality products that make techs' lives easier. Mike joined his father's business full-time when he was 23; he performed a lot of the menial tasks while his father developed the products.

Nylog is perhaps one of the most popular yet controversial products. The product is made of refrigeration oil, which is inside the system anyway. While many people may be suspicious of additives to avoid warranty complications, nothing inside Nylog will harm the system. It also won't clog the lines when used properly.

Lately, Mike and John have made highly concentrated cleaners that have taken all the excess water out of coil cleaners. These Venom Packs are pure concentrate, meaning that they are very strong but maintain their original cleaners' non-toxic properties. They are also easier to store and come in brightener, all-purpose, evaporator, and condenser varieties. Refrigeration Technologies cleaners also work on tough bacterial zoogloea, a common plague in humid climates like Florida.

The Pan & Drain Treatment also works very well to clean out and treat drains. The spray is also tough on odors.

Refrigeration Technologies has experienced a lot of growth recently. Most of the company growth happens in John's lab, as the products are constantly getting better. The goal is to improve the quality without raising prices, and improvements to packaging are crucial to that element of growth. The company is also very active on social media and actively takes feedback.

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