The Launch of a Revolutionary Software w/ Jim Bergmann (Podcast)

In this episode of the podcast, Jim Bergmann talks about the launch date of the measureQuick (MQ) app, what it will do, why he made it, who it is for, and why it's different than anything else that came before.

MeasureQuick is a universal measurement platform that incorporates Bluetooth to display, store, and interpret measurements. The initial release focuses heavily on air conditioning, but its goal is to assist with combustion analysis and refrigeration readings. It is a troubleshooting assistant that saves time and helps technicians make sense of their readings. It combines the air side, refrigerant side, and electrical side in a single Bluetooth-connected technology.

MeasureQuick helps technicians understand if the conditions are ideal for testing or if the system performs optimally while testing. The app does not automate the diagnostic process, but it is a diagnostic aid to help reduce callbacks. MeasureQuick contains both free and paid components for users, and it is backed by Testo and other sponsors.

Jim Bergmann's app brings a technological appeal to the tech-savvy rising generation. MeasureQuick encourages curious technicians to understand their readings and diagnostic criteria. The goal is to modernize the HVAC industry while bringing the knowledge base of the older generation to the newer generation. Jim Bergmann's goal is to make the app TEACH its users the best practices and principles of the industry; he aims to make information accessible to technicians with varied learning preferences. This app is especially useful for those who are not avid readers.

Of course, hacks who don't care about learning the correct way will always exist. However, MeasureQuick will hopefully bring accountability to our industry through education.

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