Keeping your Scruples when Selling IAQ – Short #92

In this short podcast episode, Bryan explains how to keep your humanity and make moral decisions when selling IAQ products.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has started to grab hold of the world, we've seen an uptick in IAQ interest. When you have greater consumer interest, there are opportunities to hoodwink customers. While some IAQ products are indeed not very effective against viruses, there are some good products that you can sell to customers to benefit their health.

Pretty much every product has an appropriate application, but sales and marketing can lead to inappropriate, ineffective usage. Some techs sell IAQ products for inappropriate applications just to make a buck, but many others simply don't know any better. For example, UV and PCO technologies can work very well for certain applications, but they are not the fix-all that some people market them as.

When selling IAQ products honestly, you'll want to understand the efficacy data in the exact application you're selling it for. If you don't have the data for the application, don't make claims about efficacy. When it comes to oxidizers, you must also be transparent about safety concerns. Sure, you can explain how particles combine, but you also have to explain safety issues with the particles' behavior. Independent testing is also important. Paid studies can be manipulated to make a product look favorable. Ask if the product does what it's supposed to do.

Then, you have to ask if the product is safe. Cold plasma and oxidizing products are a bit less effective than other PCO technologies, but they are a bit safer. The goal is to educate yourselves and the customer so that you can both make the best decision for the customer's health.

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