Is Dual Fuel the Answer? w/ Tom Buescher

In this HVAC School podcast, Bryan and Tom Buescher with Copeland discuss dual-fuel heat pump systems as an intermediate step towards more sustainable heating solutions.

They talk about the overall goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from residential heating and cooling, which accounts for over half of home energy use. While heat pumps can provide higher efficiency, simply switching everyone to electric isn’t realistic in the short term. Factors like grid capacity, infrastructure, and consumer comfort have to be considered.

Dual fuel systems allow for a hybrid approach – utilizing heat pumps to provide the bulk of heating, with gas heating as a backup for the coldest stretches. This arrangement allows more heat pumps to be adopted now while still ensuring warmth and meeting consumer expectations. It bridges the gap during this transitional period as grids adapt to more renewable generation.

Key topics covered:

  • Tom’s industry background
  • The role of location – dual-fuel makes the most sense in northern climates zones 3-5 currently
  • Electrical factors – service capacity, indoor air temp, wiring
  • Existing home challenges – ductwork, insulation
  • Staged operation of dual fuel systems
  • Role of hybrid approaches during transitions
  • New universal controls and thermostats enabling these dual-fuel setups

Overall, Bryan and Tom have a nuanced discussion about creating real progress incrementally, meeting consumer needs alongside policy goals. Considering both environmental and practical perspectives is key.

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