Internal Apprenticeship w/ Brynn Cooksey

Brynn Cooksey joined Eric Kaiser for a podcast about internal apprenticeship, its benefits, and how to make it work. Brynn is the general manager of Air Doctors Heating and Cooling LLC, a well-respected HVAC contracting company in Detroit, MI.

Air Doctors Heating and Cooling LLC has its own in-house apprenticeship program based on Department of Labor guidelines. The apprenticeship program caters to new techs out of trade school and focuses on rigorous training. There is some administrative paperwork, but there are no additional administrative expenses. The only expenses of the apprenticeship program come from training and wages. Most of the administrative work comes from recordkeeping.

Bumps in pay come with milestones, and RSES certification is available at the highest level of Brynn’s program. Once techs receive their RSES CM, they become official journeymen and continue to learn more about the trade through incentivized training.

The technicians at Air Doctors seem to like the training program. The program is very structured when it comes to training, hours, and pay, so the techs like predictability. Reduced callback rates are positive effects of the apprenticeship program; Brynn’s current callback rate is less than 1% (was 3% before the program was put into place).

The apprenticeship program is easy to set up with the government, and it makes companies eligible for national and local grants. Approved apprenticeship programs can also take advantage of other benefits, including labor scouting to grow the workforce.

Everything about the apprenticeship program recognition process was free. Many businesses can take advantage of these programs to grow their workforce and train promising technicians who can transform the business.


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