HVAC/R Career Advancement – Short 125

In today’s short podcast, Bryan explains how growth happens in an HVAC/R career. He also gives tips to get “unstuck” if you feel like you aren’t moving forward.

You won’t move forward if you haven’t set a goal to move forward. Making a “vision board” helps you determine what matters in your life, and it helps you clarify what you’ll need to do in order to achieve your life goals. That way, you can use your career to help achieve those goals and see whose support you need.

Having a growth mindset and a lifelong learning mindset is essential for success. The growth mindset will help you deal with the “growing pains” of advancement (such as occasional failures). People with positive attitudes also tend to see more possibilities for their future careers. On the other hand, negative people are likely to idle in their careers.

You also want to surround yourself with people who will bring out your best. It’s great to be around people who challenge you, have positive outlooks, and are happy for you when you make progress. Moreover, you want to be the person who is authentically excited when other people succeed and do good work. Also, try not to burn bridges with others.

To advance in your HVAC career specifically, develop your hands-on skills. Think about it this way: are you merely doing your job’s requirements, or are you working on yourself? Read through manuals and check out technical materials to become more literate with systems and do better work on them. Also, try to find a mentor who will help you grow. People skills are underrated in our industry but are critical for career advancement.

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