HVAC Performance Summit w/ Dominick G.

Dominick Guarino from NCI joins the podcast to talk about the High-Performance HVAC Summit, an upcoming event hosted by NCI from April 17–20. The National Comfort Institute (NCI) is a training organization that helps technicians learn crucial skills and succeed through high-performance contracting.

High-performance contracting is based on the mindset of “don’t just promise performance; prove it.” To maximize technicians’ potential, NCI teaches technicians how to test equipment properly and monetize their skills. Techs can then use their knowledge to teach the homeowner about the system and solve problems with sales; they can earn money while being solutions-oriented.

NCI’s High-Performance HVAC Summit is a training event geared toward HVAC business owners and contractors. It started as a membership conference for education and networking, and it has since expanded to include like-minded HVAC professionals from all walks of life. Workshops are led by a mix of contractors and NCI staff, and there are breakout sessions and other various session types.

This year’s High-Performance Summit theme will be “It All Starts With Service.” The four focal points of the workshops will be lead generation through service and maintenance, CO safety, the lead handoff from service to sales, and maintenance agreements. One more session will focus on hands-on testing, called “Low-Performance Town” this year, and there will be a panel about the future of high-performance HVAC.

Dominick and Bryan also discuss:

  • Dominick and NCI’s history in the industry
  • High-performance maintenance
  • Consumers who do their research
  • The HVACR Training Symposium
  • High-Performance Summit Awards Banquet
  • NCI’s collaboration with other industry leaders and organizations

Visit to learn more about the High-Performance Summit. If you decide to register for the summit, type HVACSCHOOL in the coupon code section for a $100 discount.

Learn more about the HVACR Training Symposium or buy a virtual ticket today at

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