How to Make Mentorship Work w/ Eric Kaiser

In today’s podcast, Eric Kaiser and Bryan talk about mentorship in the HVAC industry. They discuss what it means to be a good mentor, how to find a good mentor, and what it means to be mentored. 

Mentorship is an organic process. Most mentees don’t go up to someone they respect and formally ask that person to be their mentor. Respect is the foundation of the mentor-mentee relationship; formal mentorship often resembles friendship in many ways. 

However, mentorship can take more forms than the traditional mentor-mentee relationship. In the digital age, podcasts and YouTube channels that readily share information about a skill are resources that can fulfill the same role as a traditional mentor.

A good mentor has a willingness to explain the how and why behind a question or process; they don’t give simple answers. Good mentors must also be able to provide resources for their mentees; they know the limits of their knowledge and are willing to find those answers with their mentees. Often, the better mentors are humble and don’t flaunt their experience. Good mentors want to see their mentees do well and grow; they don’t want their mentees to follow and copy them.

The support in the relationship goes both ways. The mentee must want to support their mentor, not compete with them. Mentees must be willing to start conversations and ask for clarification; an ineffective mentee waits for answers to be spoonfed to them. Good mentees are also willing to challenge their mentors at times [respectfully]; they don’t excessively flatter their mentors.

Bryan and Eric also cover:

  • Personal growth
  • Online mentorship resources
  • Cultish mentors
  • Outgrowing and leaving mentors
  • “Stealing” in mentor relationships
  • Unproductive mentorship
  • Honoring mentorship

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