How Craig Became “AC Service Tech”

In this podcast episode, we find out how Craig Migliaccio became “AC Service Tech.” He makes educational materials and has even written a book. You can check out his website HERE and his YouTube channel, AC Service Tech, HERE.

Craig got into the HVAC trade after coming from a construction background; he mostly worked on existing homes and had to handle some HVAC tasks. From there, he got into service and went headfirst into the HVAC industry by starting his own business: a carpentry and HVAC business.

Craig also got into the teaching side of the trade, starting off by becoming a maintenance supervisor at a school. As a teacher, he emphasized the importance of basic mechanical skills when he taught high schoolers and young adults. He also noticed that a lot of people were interested in the HVAC industry, so that's what he focused on as a teacher. Craig started making his own videos to introduce students to a topic, and that's where his story as AC Service Tech began.

In the classroom, Craig drew from many different resources. So, he decided to continue adding to his knowledge. He eventually compiled his knowledge and began making his own resources. As a content creator, Craig is more independent and less of a collaborator, but he still manages to have an impact on others. He has also published a book (Refrigerant Charging and Service Procedures for Air Conditioning) and a workbook, which are valuable teaching and learning tools.

Bryan and Craig also discuss:

  • Obtaining knowledge and building skills
  • Figuring out what you don't know as an instructor
  • Sequence of instruction
  • Making an impact as a writer and instructor
  • Community vs. substance in content creation
  • Using your knowledge to help others
  • Craig's available educational resources

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