Heat Pumps in Cold Climates


In this episode, we are joined by three people who know a lot about heat pumps and cold weather. We also cover everything from the way technologies have changed, some of the pitfalls to keep away from, and why heat pumps work even in really cold climates nowadays.

Chad Gillespie: Chad is a senior manager, part of Mitsubishi Electric’s Performance Construction Team. He currently leads a national team of business development managers tasked with growing the new construction market for high-performance heat pumps. He has also worked in the construction industry for 26 years and has been with Mitsubishi Electric for 9.

Dana Fischer: Dana is a residential area manager at Mitsubishi Electric. He supports and promotes the installation of high-performance, ductless heat pumps in homes across Maine and New Hampshire. Prior to his work at Mitsubishi Electric, he was a program manager for the Efficiency Maine Trust.

Scott Libby: Scott is the owner of Royal River Heat Pumps. He has over 35 years of experience and training in the residential HVAC industry. His team sells Mitsubishi Electric exclusively; they are one of the largest heat-pump-only contractors in the country.

Heat pumps are becoming more effective and comfortable, so they are now more appealing for cold climates. Although we previously relied on gas and oil in colder climates, we have seen people using heat pumps with success in New England and even Norway. We partially have R-410A and high-speed compressors to thank for those technological advancements to heat pumps.

Chad, Dana, Scott, and Bryan also discuss:

  • Offsetting fossil fuel usage
  • Compressor advancements
  • Heat pump performance during the polar vortex
  • Leaky vs. tight buildings
  • Load calculations and equipment selection
  • Seasonal loads
  • Single-zone vs. multi-zone heat pumps
  • Design software
  • Flaring tools
  • Triple evacuation
  • Responsible refrigerant handling
  • Auxiliary heat
  • Mitsubishi Kumo station

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Christopher H
Christopher H
12/3/20 at 10:24 AM

CO2 Architecture uploaded here, not cold climate ASHP?



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