Healthy Air Supplements vs. Pillars w/ Kevin Hart

Bryan and Kevin discuss indoor air quality solutions in terms of healthy air supplements vs. pillars of IAQ, drawing an analogy between IAQ supplements like electronic air cleaners and fitness supplements. They talk about why discussing these supplemental products can be controversial since many companies profit from selling them. However, the fundamentals of good IAQ – ventilation, filtration, and humidity control – are proven to work well, just as diet, exercise, and hydration promote good health.

Most contractors focus more conversations and training around supplemental IAQ products versus the fundamentals, which parallels how society embraces fitness supplements over proper diet and exercise. However, a growing group of homeowners want real solutions, and the fundamentals often solve problems better and with less risk than just adding devices. Measuring IAQ and using data-driven diagnoses lead to more targeted solutions, too.

The fitness analogy applies well – you don't jump to supplements first, and adding more supplements isn't always better or healthier. Dosage and application really matter. Contractors should consider focusing 80% on IAQ fundamentals over supplemental products to best serve customers.

Topics covered:

  • Why discussing IAQ supplements is controversial
  • Fundamentals of good IAQ: ventilation, filtration, humidity control
  • Parallels between IAQ supplements and fitness supplements
  • Reliance on and training around supplemental products versus fundamentals
  • Growing consumer demand for real IAQ solutions
  • Using IAQ monitoring and measurement for better solutions
  • How having more supplements or devices isn't always better
  • Dosage and proper application really matter
  • Shifting contractor focus to 80% on IAQ fundamentals versus supplemental products

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