Hard Start Kits, Stay Brite #8, AHR, and More

In this episode of the HVAC School Podcast, we talk about some cool technologies and controversial tools.

Joe Shearer joins us to talk about hard start kits. Some people believe that hard start kits are only suitable for one-time use, but Joe and Bryan believe that there's a lot more to it than that. If hard start kits are high-quality, then you could leave it on. However, if a unit has a hard-shutoff TXV, then it absolutely needs a hard start kit. Many techs are still hesitant about using hard start kits because they can damage the compressor if the relay doesn't take them out.

Some techs feel similarly towards Stay Brite #8. You don't have to flow nitrogen with Stay Brite #8 solder, and some technicians (Bryan included) are suspicious about the quality of the work when you cut out those critical steps. So, many technicians prefer brazing, but Stay Brite #8 and brazing each have their benefits and drawbacks.

At AHR, Bryan got a chance to speak with FasTest representatives about CoreMax valve cores. These large cores are great for commercial HVAC applications and help you achieve high flow during evacuation. Your typical core removal tools won't work, but CoreMax core removal tools exist, and the core assembly is also easy to replace. He also got to speak to a Packard representative about motor temperature ratings, especially on OEM vs. aftermarket motors and motor performance in various ambient conditions. Browning shared some information about their notch belts and the temperature ratings of those belts.

Also, remember to check that the discharge temperature stays below 220°F. The discharge temperature can tell you a lot about your compressor and your chances of experiencing oil breakdown.

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Gerry Peterson
Gerry Peterson
2/11/17 at 07:46 PM

Good show ! Love hearing different points of view and a lot of things I’ve forgotten from years of doing things a certain way
Right or wrong ventrans pick up and use ” tricks of the trade”. Sometimes “text book ” is not the only fix. Keep up the awesome
Programming !! Cheers!



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