Full System Diagnosis – There is More to Check


In this episode, Bryan goes back over the basics and stresses the importance of diagnosing the whole system.

I'll cut to the chase: inspection is NOT overrated. Inspections help you become more familiar with HVAC systems and can help you catch on to minor issues before they spiral out of control. Check air filters, check the charge, check the evaporator coil… does the inspection checklist ever end?

Whether you see crunchy brown contactors or oil on the lines, none of those issues are too small to warrant investigation and repair. Those may not seem worth the hassle, but a leak or low charge can negatively impact the A/C function over time, leaving you with unhappy customers. Checking everything may seem a little over-the-top, but it really is in your customers' best interest. The same goes for mundane procedures like cleaning out drains.

We also have our controversial practice of the day: you don't NEED to remove a slant coil for cleaning all the time. Cleaning it in place is A-okay.

Some of the system procedures I'll discuss include:

  • Checking the charge completely
  • Superheat and subcool
  • Checking the evaporator coil
  • Inspecting the filter
  • Looking for wire rubouts
  • Checking the drain line and drain pan
  • Checking capacitors and contactors

And much more…

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