EPA 608 Regulation Uncertainty w/ Jason Obrzut (Podcast)

Jason from ESCO and Cengage comes on to talk about the varying landscape of EPA 608 regulations with what you need to know for now (circa 2018).

The EPA has proposed to roll back some regulations regarding HFC refrigerants, including leak rate and leak repair mandates. There are also questions about the regulation of refrigerants that do NOT have ozone-depleting substances, not just HFCs. This choice reinterprets language within the guidelines put forth in 2016 and the Clean Air Act. However, this choice completely disregards global warming potential and limits regulations of refrigerants with global warming potential but no ozone-depleting potential. EPA 608 still prevents the venting of non-natural refrigerants, but the proposed changes aim to clarify the language in those regulations.

EPA 608 Subpart F can potentially be rescinded entirely. That action could muddy the language as to what constitutes venting. HVAC businesses can also suffer, as technician certification may no longer be a requirement for purchasing refrigerants. (Not to mention, homeowners can ignorantly engage in harmful practices, like cross-contaminating refrigerants and venting. Substance abuse is also much more accessible if non-HVAC techs purchase refrigerant to huff it.)

The USA is actually well behind other industrialized countries when it comes to refrigerant usage. We're one of the only industrialized countries that have yet to really move forward from HFCs. So, rolling back HFC regulations may be a step back for environmental initiatives, refrigerant innovation, and even the refrigerant reclamation job market in the USA.

Jason and Bryan also discuss:

  • EPA exam changes
  • Individual state regulations and certifications
  • Who benefits from these changes?
  • Comparisons to other toxic chemicals
  • Air quality, pollution, and resource exploitation
  • Refrigerant recovery and mixing
  • How will this change affect the job market?
  • How will this change affect education and writing?

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