Dehumidification Facts w/ Nikki

In today’s podcast, Nikki and Bryan discuss dehumidification. They cover the relationship between cooling and dehumidification, humidity control, and dehumidifier installation practices.

If the A/C unit is the king, the dehumidifier is the queen. The A/C unit controls cooling and humidity, but it can only do so much. A dehumidifier helps the A/C manage comfort under more demanding conditions. Many factors contribute to comfort, including sensible heat ratio (SHR), relative humidity (RH), and ventilation. Dehumidification reaches all of those factors.

Humidity control requires a holistic approach. Band-aid fixes DO NOT work. Dehumidifiers should work with the A/C system and building design to keep RH in the 50-55% range. Proper installation is vital. For example, tying into the HVAC supply is a recommended practice. Returns are the opposite; dedicated returns are preferred. Other factors to consider are proper sizing, Manual J, and customer expectations.

Join Nikki and Bryan as they cover:

  • Relative humidity targets
  • Sensible heat ratio (SHR)
  • Latent removal capacity
  • Ventilation
  • Building design and tightness
  • Manual J
  • Challenges with ductless systems
  • Ducting into the supply with dedicated returns
  • Installation practices
  • Dehumidifier sales and customer service

And much more…

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