Creating a Business Where Everyone Wins w/ Tommy Mello

Skilled trades entrepreneur Tommy Mello joins the podcast to talk about creating a business where everyone wins: business owners, employees, vendors, AND customers.

Tommy's main motivations in business are relationship-building and helping employees make a good living. Those motivations contribute to the development of company culture; even though cultures build themselves naturally, developing the right leaders will help build a positive company culture that values all employees equally. Tommy trains leaders to develop their strengths, shows them that they are valued, and gives them the resources they need to succeed.

When companies grow, communication tools and project management technologies need to be standardized to help organize the company, including using checklists and SOPs. Departments also need to keep their focus on the company's main goal, not just the success of their division. The goal is to make sure that people are aware of their responsibilities early on and on board with the company's vision.

To get the right people on board in the first place, we can improve our recruiting processes if we use social media to recruit talent—people who already have a job and are proven in their roles. Tommy also sees recruiting as a constant process that happens everywhere in the community and requires communication and follow-up.

Tommy and Bryan also cover:

  • Tommy's business: A1 Garage Doors Service
  • Training leaders
  • Allocating responsibilities and getting the right people on the bus
  • Not punishing people for mistakes
  • Unifying competition and collaboration
  • Striking a balance of go-getting and humility
  • Hiring for your weaknesses
  • Tommy's new book, Elevate
  • Building a legacy around serving others
  • Seeing everyone as an individual instead of a representative
  • Pricing and integrity

Check out Tommy's latest book, Elevate, at You can also learn more about his 2023 Freedom event in Orlando from Nov 1-3, 2023, at

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