Crazy Filter Drier Ideas w/ Eric Mele

Eric and Bryan talk through some non-standard ways of thinking about filter drier usage. They also discuss how to install these non-conventional filter drier ideas.

The humble filter drier helps us prevent gunk from moving throughout the refrigeration circuit with the refrigerant. That way, you protect the compressor and metering devices. Ideally, Eric would install his liquid line filter driers right before the metering device, but that's not always practical.

When you put a suction drier into a commercial refrigeration application, most people will want techs to remove it. Suction driers can drive up the compression ratio by creating a pressure drop, which is undesirable. However, Eric likes to leave the drier in the system if it won't impact the system efficiency too negatively. Replacing the suction drier is especially important in the case of compressor burnout or acid in the system. If you have an accumulator, it is best to replace it in the case of burnout; you will also want to install the suction drier near the compressor, which will help prevent or reduce accumulator damage in the case of burnout.

Above all, when you add driers to the system, you want to put them in sensibly. Their goal is to protect the system, and their sizing and placement should help them do their job. Also, DO NOT put filter driers in the discharge line! (Yes, it happens.)

Eric and Bryan also discuss:

  • Lennox liquid line drier placement
  • Factory driers
  • Replaceable core driers
  • Flares, ball valves, and bypasses
  • Using check valves on heat pump systems
  • Testing oil for acid and burnout
  • Undersized filter driers
  • Factoring material pricing into proposals and quotes
  • Discharge mufflers vs. filter driers

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