Cracking the Home Health Comfort Code: IAQ’s Illusory Ideals

HAVEN IAQ founder and CEO Kevin Hart returns to the podcast to discuss cracking the home health comfort code, diving into IAQ’s illusory ideals.

Even though the industry has been generating well-thought solutions to common problems, it’s difficult to put those solutions into practice on a large scale. As a result, it’s common to rely on selling “bolt-on” IAQ products, which don’t actually solve systemic IAQ problems. HAVEN’s recent work has also shown that only a few HVAC technicians are proactively offering IAQ solutions to homeowners; the vast majority wait for the owner to ask about a solution instead.

Some IAQ issues stem from duct and building envelope leakage, meaning technicians could offer to perform diagnostic tests (like blower door testing) and address the solution holistically with building envelope and duct sealing. However, not all customers are willing to pay for these, which is one of the biggest challenges of comfort consultations. The question about the real long-term, widespread effectiveness of comfort consults remains to be answered.

Right now, we only have the illusion that IAQ problems are being solved. We might see positive changes to the state of IAQ if there is more forethought on the technician’s part to include diagnostic tests in their quotes when it makes sense to do so. Our industry may also see more proactivity in the quest to solve IAQ problems holistically by establishing sales goals and approaches.

Kevin and Bryan also cover:

  • Latest HAVEN IAQ developments
  • The IAQ status quo
  • Technicians and sales
  • Evolution of evacuation best practices in the field
  • Proactivity vs. reactivity when addressing IAQ problems
  • IAQ solution goals and approaches
  • The value of commissioning reports
  • DIY and consumer-based IAQ solutions
  • “Getting in the reps” when using diagnostic tools to solve problems
  • The benefits and challenges of selling diagnostic services

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