Control Over IAQ w/ Kevin Hart from Haven

Kevin Hart, the CEO of HAVEN, joins Kaleb Saleeby live from AHR 2022 to discuss how we can control IAQ with central air monitors and controllers. HAVEN, formerly TZOA, is an IAQ company that focuses on protecting building occupants’ health by controlling air quality.

HAVEN’s approach to managing IAQ starts with collecting data about the air. Without that data, we can’t come up with solutions tailored to individual buildings. We need sensors to gather that data, which would traditionally mean that we’d need a decentralized system with sensors everywhere. However, HAVEN takes a centralized approach to measuring and controlling indoor air quality.

HAVEN’s central air monitoring system is not an ordinary box product. Monitors constantly provide data that help HVAC professionals find points of improvement in a home and form a solid professional relationship with homeowners. The goal is to use data as a bridge to connect the homeowner and contractor as well as build trust.

One of HAVEN’s new projects is to expand into remote HVAC diagnostics. The search for deviations in heating, cooling, and comfort will allow HAVEN to get more involved in the HVAC industry and communicate diagnostic help and solutions more effectively.

Kevin and Kaleb also discuss:

  • HAVEN’s name and vision
  • Avoiding false positives for harmful substances with centralized monitoring
  • Equipment longevity
  • Stagnancy of air in homes in moderate climates
  • The issue with constant 50% relative humidity
  • Outdoor air quality and comparative analysis
  • IAQ as a luxury rather than a necessity
  • Predictions for the HVAC industry


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