Bonus – Tech Communication and “PM Specials” w/ Frank Besednjak (Podcast)

Frank Besednjak talks about proper communication in conflicts between techs and managers. He also covers the potential problem with inexpensive air conditioning maintenance specials.

When it comes to communication, Frank is a proponent of honesty and straightforwardness. However, he understands and appreciates the fact that people have different communication styles. He encourages people to write down their ideas, whether those ideas benefit the company, themselves, customers, etc. Frank encourages managers to set up an email or text line for people to input their ideas via written media; the leaders should make employees feel empowered to become part of the solution. The difference between a committed and complaining employee will become clear in the way that they communicate suggestions.

Cultivating positivity in the business starts with future-oriented leaders. Managers who focus on the past allow negativity to breed, especially when they fixate on poor performances in the past. Frank also suggests that managers take the “good in public, bad in private” approach when discussing employee performance. The point is to find solutions, not make employees feel bad.

Some PM “specials” include the infamous $89-tune-up. Some techs use these PMs as opportunities to push products and make sales. Frank believes that the pricing is not the issue; dishonesty about the tune-up's intentions is the issue. Sadly, these “specials” are often scams, but they still work for bringing in business. Some companies even do “classes” that are truly sales meetings; those meetings teach techs how to upsell and push products. This practice also opens the door for honest, skilled techs to be replaced with salespeople who do not fix units as they should. Frank recommends implementing a good pricing strategy that lets customers make their own decisions. Then, you will attract business honestly.

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