Bill Spohn is the MAN(ometer) – 10 Years of TruTech Fun Podcast

In this just-for-fun episode, we celebrate 10 years of great tools and excellent customer service with TruTech CEO Bill Spohn. We hope you enjoy this lighthearted episode with some discussions about company culture, superior service, and a commitment to quality.

TruTech's approach to service goes more beyond selling the tool. The engineers at TruTech aim to learn how technicians plan on using tools. Those engineers want to use their technological expertise to create products that make technicians' lives easier in the realm of diagnosis and measurement. TruTech Tools also works to honor its relationship with the HVAC community and market. The engineers at the company see the value in the relationship between HVAC and building performance. TruTech Tools also carries trusted brands, such as Testo and Carrier.

When it comes to pricing, TruTech Tools believes in pricing based on the market price and backing up the product with superior service. Most of a product's value comes from the seller's service. TruTech Tools also remembers to reward loyal audiences and buyers with discount codes or rewards systems.

Bill Spohn also wants TruTech Tools to develop some more educational materials in the future. The company has a close relationship with the HVAC industry and wants to show its support through a commitment to training.

Overall, TruTech Tools values its connection with the HVAC community and takes pride in its standing as a trusted tool provider for such a great community.

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