An ACCA Form You Probably Never Heard Of w/ Ed J.

The podcast is a conversation between Ed and Bryan about using the ACCA Residential Plans Examiner Review Form, an ACCA form you probably never heard of, to demonstrate that proper HVAC system design procedures were followed based on the Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D guidelines.

Ed introduces the Residential Plans Examiner Review Form as a one-page document that allows contractors to show they gathered the minimum necessary information to complete a proper HVAC system design. The form doesn't teach how to actually do the design calculations but can help explain the design to others not familiar with it, like code officials asking for documentation. The form is meant as a bridge to facilitate communication between contractors and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs). Ed shares stories of using the form successfully to work with code officials and gain approval.

Bryan asks clarifying questions about the intended audience for the form – whether for residential new construction only or also replacement – since it references the duct design Manual D procedures. Ed explains the full manuals would likely only apply to new construction and add-ons, but elements could apply to replacements if load calculations are required locally. The details depend on the specific project and jurisdiction.

Topics covered:

  • Purpose and use of ACCA Residential Plans Examiner Review Form
  • Information that the form documents from Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D
  • The form's audience (primarily code officials/AHJs, but it's also helpful for contractors)
  • Applicability for residential new construction, add-ons, and some replacements
  • Stories of working with local code officials using the standard form
  • Where to access online – ACCA website and search by full name

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