AMA #1 – State of the HVAC School Union (Podcast)

In our first ever ask-me-anything (AMA) podcast, we talk about the trade as a whole and answer random questions about Kalos and myself.

Some people ask me if I'd encourage my children to get into HVAC/R. In my opinion, the trade offers plenty of good opportunities and room for growth. So, I will definitely encourage my children to get into the trades, but I will not pressure them into it. I think more of us should encourage our children to consider a career in the trades and understand the benefits of those careers. I'd even say that I'd choose this career path again if I were allowed to restart my life and take a new career path.

I'm optimistic about the future of the trade. The pay and opportunities are better than they've ever been before, and we have chances to attract young people to the trade. This trade is one of impact, and impact is becoming increasingly important to young people.

One of the main issues we need to address in our trade is unprofessionalism. From bad practices to blatant prejudice, we need to be professional, proud of the work we do, and fair to everyone.

We also discuss:

  • Which piece of equipment I identify with
  • Sleep schedules for people who work on many things at once
  • Providing tools and tool stipends
  • HVAC company finances and profit
  • Tech traits across trades
  • The separation between commercial and residential HVAC
  • Unprofessionalism in the trade
  • Taking time to read and do research
  • Time management and discipline
  • Mechanical diagnosticians vs. sales techs
  • What inspired me to get into HVAC
  • Innovation, marketing, and corporate culture among manufacturers
  • Onboarding and training green techs

Thanks to everyone who asked questions in this AMA.

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