AHR 2020 Roundup from the Floor

In this podcast, HVAC School team members Kaleb and Leilani walk the floor and talk to various people about their products and companies at AHR 2020. Bryan also has a quick conversation with Frank from HVAC Outlawz.

The newest RectorSeal surge protection (RSH-50 with the 60A disconnect) uses MOVs and gas discharge tubes, which work together to fight off power surges. The effectiveness of the product has allowed RectorSeal to give customers a lifetime warranty on their product. RectorSeal also has a new drain cleaner, Nu Line. Nu Line eliminates the biofilm in drains AND protects the drain from growth after cleaning.

One of Bryan's AHR 2020 highlights was speaking with Frank of HVAC Outlawz. Frank wants to push the limits of what we know so that we can perform the best work possible. In his 15 years, he has worked with a wide range of equipment. His experience led him to start creating content on Facebook and Instagram (also with inspiration from Andrew Greaves). He also involves himself in local trades education, which is the key to making our trade accessible to young people.

Emerson is also an HVAC titan that participates in events like AHR 2020. Emerson is at the forefront of new HVAC technology and always focuses on doing the right thing for contractors, wholesalers, and industry partners.

We also explore:

  • Gas discharge tube technology
  • Various applications for Line Sets Inc. products
  • Measuring duct pressures and velocities with Dwyer
  • Refrigeration Technologies Venom Packs
  • Maintaining building envelope integrity with Friedrich A/C
  • Recovery units with NAVAC
  • Emerson's Sensi Predict and Multiple Thermostat Manager
  • Fieldpiece vacuum pumps and Job Link probes
  • Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers
  • RGF Environmental Group REME Halo LED
  • Women in HVACR
  • Ultravation Synergy

Learn more about Refrigeration Technologies HERE.

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