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Ok, probably not… but we will have a good time and hopefully educate some people.


Here are some things you need to know

  • HVAC School is an education and entertainment podcast. We always want to bring facts that are of value to those working in the trade but do it in a way that is enjoyable to listen to.
  • Most of my audience are techs listening in their work vehicles. Don't try to be impressive, just talk like a normal person.
  • Facts are good but stories, examples, and metaphors are better. If you bring no notes other than bullet points of stories and examples to share on your topic it will still be a good podcast.
  • Don't worry about mistakes or how you sound, we edit the show completely to make you sound good.

It really is a very easy process and I try to make it as pain-free for you as possible. Here are the things you need to record with me (there are workarounds if any of these pose a problem)

  1. You will need a computer, connected to the internet with the Chrome browser installed
  2. A good internet connection is important if possible plugin to an ethernet jack
  3. You will need a headset or microphone with headphones or earbuds. The internal microphone on a laptop or a webcam won't sound good enough for a podcast. This microphone is my favorite for guests to get because it comes with everything, sounds great, and quite inexpensive. If you use this one make sure to plug your earbuds or headphones in the back of the mic itself.

  1. When the time comes to record try and choose a quiet location that doesn't echo or reverb. Look for rooms with carpet, drapes and soft furniture if possible because they sound better. Some of the biggest podcasters out there started by recording in their closets for that very reason. If the room you have is echoey don't worry, we will make the best of it.
  2. If possible shoot me a quick bullet list of things you want to cover, stories you want to tell etc… just so I can help set you up for them in the conversation. It's OK if we don't cover EVERYTHING, the podcast isn't supposed to cover every detail soup to nuts, it's primarily to help motivate people to do deeper research.
  3. Before recording it's a good idea to restart your computer, this helps to reduce the processes running in the background and ensures your best chance of a good result.
  4. Keep other tabs and programs closed while recording
  5. I will email you a link to click before the time to record. Once you click the link you will connect to Riverside.fm and it will ask you to enter your name and select your audio source and playback.

We use the service called Riverside.fm for the recordings, click the link and make sure to wear headphones or earbuds.

  1. We will spend just a few minutes reviewing the material before I start recording.
  2. Don't worry about editing yourself, if a swear word slips out I will bleep it, it's no big deal.

And that's it!

When we are done if there are other links or materials you want to send me to include in the show notes just email them to be at Bryan(a)hvacrschool.com

If you don't have a scheduled time yet you can use this calendar tool to get us all set up. If you are already scheduled then you can skip this step.

PS – If you don't have time to do a podcast during any of these times I can do a Saturday afternoon/evening episode by special request. If you don't have a computer or would prefer to do it while out of the office we can also do that in some cases.


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