Basic Refrigeration Circuit

1. What should be the state of the refrigerant in the suction line?

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2. The part that is pointed at by the black arrows is a….

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3. The Discharge line travels between the…..

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This is a Cutaway of a….

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5. A ___________ can often be confused with a liquid line drier because they can look similar

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6. Which is the correct order of refrigerant states starting with the discharge line

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What is the weakness of a fixed orifice metering device?

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8. Which line would generally be slightly warmer than outdoor ambient (during cooling mode)?

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9. Why is the compressor discharge line hot?

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10. When the temperature of a __________ gas goes up, its volume goes_____________.

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11. Bonus Question: You Find a TXV System Running high head pressure, low suction pressure, high superheat, high subcool and low evaporator air temperature split. What category of failure do you most likely have?

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The “High Side” of the refrigerant circuit is made up of the

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