Air is Squishy – Measuring Airflow w/ Bill Spohn

Measuring airflow is easy. Measuring airflow accurately is quite a bit more difficult. In many cases, when we as technicians measure airflow, we are trying to get to the almighty CFM (cubic feet per minute) volume measurement. You can take CFM readings fairly easily with a hood, like the Testo 420, but even a hood has some limitations when the goal is to measure total system CFM vs. register/grille CFM.

In this series of videos, Bill Spohn from TruTech tools demonstrates all of the tools you can use to measure airflow from hot wire and rotating vane anemometers to flow hoods, smart grids, and pitot tubes, all the way down to using a GARBAGE BAG.

I had the privilege of seeing this presentation in person (I am the one behind the camera), and I wanted to share it with you. It is well worth your time.




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