Something You May Want to Consider on Every Call



There are a few important things that I suggest checking on every service call to reduce callbacks and increase customer satisfaction. One of them that often gets missed is preventing wire rub outs.

One of my area managers and experienced tech Jesse Claerbout shot a video showing the simple step he takes to prevent major damage.

We also just release a new podcast episode today that you can hear in any podcast app or by listening HERE





  1. Joe R says:

    Great observation and easy, quick solution. Thanks for sharing your time & experience.

    1. Brian Shimp says:

      I have been doing this and teaching this to our techs for the past 25 years. We also make sure that none of the factory tubing in the unit can vibrate against the frame of the unit or even another tube in the unit. We call that “housekeeping”. It keeps our clients happy and reduces our callbacks dramatically.

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