Make Your Drives Smarter

If you are new to the trade the last thing you need need to be listening to in the van is more shock jock radio…

Listen to the HVAC School podcast to make you smarter, or at least seem smarter. If you’ve been in the field a while, you can listen to wake up that drooling apprentice in the passenger seat or just listen to find fault with what Bryan says and tell the other guys how awesome you are that you set the pretend HVAC internet professor straight. Never stop learning or enjoying what you do. 

No matter what… HVAC School is for techs, by techs

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About Us

Bryan Orr

Co-Founder and VP Of Service at Kalos Services, Bryan has been involved in HVAC training for over 13 years. Bryan started HVAC School to be For Techs, By Techs.

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