1. Chuck DeArruda says:

    Thanks Bryan for all the great training resources!

  2. Raymond self says:

    Always something to learn

  3. Wayne Eady says:

    Dude!! I could totally use some free stuff!!

  4. Brandon Drake says:

    I started listening almost a year ago. Great content and lots of info gained. I love the ability to answer questions my other techs ask just with info I have learned by listening to you and the other guys with blue collar roots. And the daily tech tips get my apprentices talking and asking questions. Again thank you for everything you are doing!!!! Keep it up.

  5. Robert says:

    Good info

  6. Mike Mann says:

    I entered my email, but haven’t gotten a confirmation message to complete my entry.

  7. Paul Allen says:

    Thank you Brian for the great service that you provide. New techs in the field really need advice from those that have been in the trade for a while.

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