EPA Section 608 Changes Every Tech and Contractor Needs to Know (Podcast)


In this episode of the podcast Jeremy Arling from the EPA comes on and answers some common questions about the new rule changes that affect recovery, leak repair, record keeping and evacuation on HVAC and refrigeration systems. You can find the complete rule update HERE
s well as Jeremy’s presentation slides HERE as well as a quick sheet for technicians HERE

If you want an app to help you keep record of recovered refrigerant I would suggest looking at the R-Log app HERE

If you have an iPhone subscribe to the podcast HERE and if you have an Android phone subscribe HERE



  1. Michael Lee says:

    Clear and accurate explanation of section 608. Thx for bring this to real day to day technicians in the field..
    Rules are not against hvac contractor or technicians. Just better practices in recovery and tracking disposal of refrigerants.
    Brian Orr
    Jeremy Arling

  2. Manuel Diaz says:

    Thanks for the update.just on time and on target.

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