How to Install an AC Disconnect
In this short and simple video we cover some quick tips for installing a disconnect properly.
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The Importance of SST (Evaporator Temperature) and Using a Scale (Kalos Meeting)
In this group service meeting, we discuss the reason why the system ends up overcharged and how to think about charge, charging, and weighing in refrigerant differently.
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Don’t Confuse TD & Delta T
We cover what TD and delta T are in HVAC/R language as well as why they get confused and how to use the terms productively.
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How to Install a Thermostat
Bryan is back with the a short guide of How to Install a Thermostat. In this video Bryan covers Carrier, Ecobee, Nest, Honeywell equipment/thermostats, tips for how to wire the thermostat, avoiding blowing a fuse and more.  
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How and When to Use a Schrader Core Removal Tool
In this video we show how to use a Schrader Core Removal tool for Evacuation (Vacuum), Recovery and when the core is damaged – WE give some best practices to get the core in and out easily every time.  
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Why Does The Evaporator Coil Freeze (And How to Diagnose It)
Bryan talks freezing in an air conditioner and specifically freezing in an air conditioner.
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How to Measure Total External Static Pressure (TESP)
  In this brief video Bryan explains How to Measure Total External Static Pressure (TESP) with a manometer as well as some of the things to look for when diagnosing high static pressure.  
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Tips for Hiring & Getting Hired
How to find a good job? How to get into the trade? Struggling to find skilled people? Bryan answers all these questions and more in this video.
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How to Measure Gas Pressure – Kalos Meeting
In this meeting, we discuss the basics of measuring and setting gas pressure. The importance of understanding your manometer and zeroing it correctly as well as some of the other top Gas safety tips and practices.
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