Market Refrigeration Tool Bag Overview
Thomas, Brad, and Eric unpack their toolbags and explain the tools they use on their market refrigeration jobs. Market refrigeration is a complicated branch of HVAC/R that requires several tools for a wide range of functions. Perhaps the most diverse tool group is the wrenches. In market refrigeration, the Kalos techs use service wrenches, crescent […]
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Money Conversations for Techs
In today's live stream, Bryan and Jesse discuss money in the HVAC business world. Jesse is the VP of Mechanical Operations at Kalos, and he guides and supports the Kalos team with a growth-oriented mindset. Kalos was founded in 2005 by tradesmen. The money and administrative sides of business did not come naturally to the […]
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Wiring Diagram Tracing – Older RHEEM Condenser
Bryan explains how to read schematics/diagrams on HVAC equipment and walks through an example. He takes a Rheem air conditioner and compares the physical unit to its point-by-point diagram and ladder schematic. Point-to-point diagrams illustrate how each component is wired in a piece of equipment; these tend to keep the same orientation as the physical […]
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Electrical Schematics & Circuit Tracing
In this live stream, Bryan walks through electrical diagrams and teaches his apprentices how to use schematics for circuit tracing. Ladder schematics are the most common type of diagram you will see; those and connection diagrams are what we mostly use in circuit tracing. There are five main types of diagrams: ladder (schematic), point-to-point (connection), […]
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Learn BTU – Watt Conversion Using a Toaster w/ Ty Branaman
Toasters are electrical conversion devices that transform electricity into heat. However, toasters are excellent training tools because they also contain contactors, levers, and terminals that are easy to observe in action. Toasters also have a bimetal device on the inside. Bimetal devices are composed of two metals, and the device begins to warp when it […]
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System Performance Checks
Some technicians cannot perform effective system performance checks because they don't know the ins and outs of their tools. These technicians fail to maximize their tools' potential by not knowing where to measure, how to measure, or what their tools can do. Static pressure measurements are vital for system performance checks because of static pressure's […]
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Watt’s Law Demonstrated w/ Ty Branaman
(Check out Ty’s YouTube channel HERE.) Ty Branaman performs an experiment with a heater to teach the apprentices about Watt’s law in action. He connects the electric heater to an adapter that displays the voltage and amperage of the device. The apprentices multiplied the volts by the amps to yield about 913 watts. The resistance, […]
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Analogies for Magnetism and Electricity w/ Ty Branaman
analogies for magnetism and electricity (Check out Ty’s YouTube channel HERE.) You create electricity when you send a magnet through a coil of wire. Alternatively, sending electricity through a coil of wire creates a magnet. Solenoids are prime examples of electromagnets and are quite simple to create and analyze. Motors also use electromagnetic force to […]
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System Burnout Cleanup Procedures Class
System Burnout We cover the basics of burnout and dive into cleanout procedures. We also look at the Emerson-Copeland Bulletin AE24-1105 for some information inside manufacturer literature.You can read that bulletin at the following link: HERE. Burnout is a type of compressor failure where there is electrical arcing. A short-circuit to ground or from winding […]
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