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San Francisco 10002
Event Starts: 03/31/2021 Wednesday 11:18 am
Event Ends: 03/31/2021 Wednesday
Join us for HVAC technical training.

Confirmed Speakers and Topics

Jim Bergmann – Evacuation – All We Have Learned

Richard Sims – Conductsation

Nate Adams – Quick and Dirty (but accurate) Load Calcs

Mark Taylor – Honeywell – Regulations, Next Generation Refrigerants and Glide

Joe Medosch – Healthy Housing Principles for High Performance AC Contractors

Bill Spohn – IAQ Test and Measurement

Steve Coscia – Soft Skills for HVAC Technicians

Chris Stephens – 6 Weird System Issues Diagnosed

Eric Martini – Condensate Management

Ed Janowiak – Duct Designs for Great Results

Jim Kitchen – Outdoor Ductless Equipment Mounting

Sam Myers and Ben Walker – Read the Room! What High Precision Manometers Can Do For You

David Richardson – Combustion Air Myths and How to Debunk Them

Jim Fultz – Applications for Universal HVAC Controls

Jim Bergmann – MeasureQuick Start to Finish

Ed Janowiak – What Is Proper Air Flow ACCA Manual S

Nikki Krueger – Deep Dive Into Dehumidification

Steve Rogers – Total System Air Flow

Jim Bergmann – Gas Furnace commissioning

With more to come……..

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