The Heat Pump Summit

Heat Pump Summit

Berkeley 94720
Event Starts: 11/13/2023 Monday 7:30 am
Event Ends: 11/13/2023 Monday 6:00 pm
Heat Pump Summit - Connect with new tech and training

We bring together HVAC and plumbing contractors, startups, building owners and more to advance the heat pump and electrified building industry.

Training provided by Electrify My Home – heat pump only contractors, and building engineer and heat pump technology inventor Ben Knopp.

Click on a day to view the sessions offered for that day. Then, click on a session to view the stream with a virtual ticket or learn more about it. (Calendar view available further below.)

Heat Pump Summit

Berkeley 94720
Event Starts: 01/01/70 7:30 am
Event Ends: 01/01/70 6:00 pm

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