HVACR Training Symposium

30 Minutes or Less and You Only Have...

Clermont 34711
Event Starts: 02/02/2024 Friday 4:10 pm
Event Ends: 02/02/2024 Friday 5:00 pm

If you were told you only had 30 minutes or less and you have, a smartphone/tablet (w/Apps), a digital manometer and tubing, static pressure probes, a flashlight, a ladder, a roll of paper towels, and a cordless drill/screwdriver, some additional handheld tools… What tests or assessments would you make to deliver the most value to a home site visit?

Joe and Dan will bring their own thoughts, results from industry pros, and the survey below to engage in a lively discussion of a crowdsource Top Ten List for Residential H/AC contractors. If that sounds interesting and you want to share your version of a 30-minute assessment, apply here – https://forms.gle/7mG3fnJVQJ6szmdj6.

NOTE: If you cannot view the recording, the video may still be processing. The maximum wait time is 24 hours. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.



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