HVACR Training Symposium

HVAC Design Backwards, Forwards, and In Between

Clermont 34711
Event Starts: 01/21/2023 Saturday 1:10 pm
Event Ends: 01/21/2023 Saturday 2:00 pm

In this session, Alex Meaney gives a comprehensive overview of HVAC design. He explains the many things that must be considered when designing an HVAC system, from equipment selection to building science considerations. After watching this session, you can expect to know more about the many factors that HVAC designers and engineers think about in their work and acquire some knowledge in that area of the industry as well.


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Manett Hector Reliance Air Services
Manett Hector Reliance Air Services
2/7/23 at 12:02 AM

How can we get into the training classes for the Wrightsoft to get heat calcs and duct designing training. Thank you..

    2/16/23 at 06:15 PM

    I would check out https://www.meanhvac.com/ he has an online program you can go through as well as teaches classes throughout the country.

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