HVACR Training Symposium

Electrification Panel

Clermont 34711
Event Starts: 01/21/2023 Saturday 9:40 am
Event Ends: 01/21/2023 Saturday 10:30 am

Bill Spohn, Jim Bergmann, and Kimberly Llewellyn bring their unique expertise to the table and answer symposium attendees’ questions about electrification in HVAC applications. Attendees can expect to learn about current electrification initiatives and the impacts of electrification on the industry.


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1/22/23 at 08:20 PM

I’m not buying into the electrification, reason being the electrical grids are not built to handle all the loads that will be placed on them between all the appliances, cars not to mention businesses loads. The windmills, solar panels and such can be affected by the weather ice storms, severe thunderstorm , tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes depending on ones location in the country. Solar panels are good for 20 – 25 years and then what do you do with them because they can’t be buried. I think fossil fuels are much more reliable. Jim I know you are from Ohio, I’m in Michigan and it gets too cold for heatpumps as an only source of heat. Natural gas is a clean heat as you well know. I think the industry is putting the cart before the horse. Your thoughts ?

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