Universal Condenser Fan Wiring Options
By:JD Kelly Assessing the Situation It is fairly common for a service technician to come across a failed condenser fan motor in the field. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about really old or fairly new equipment—condenser fan motors sometimes fail. The issue is deciding whether to use an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or […]
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New A2L Refrigerants – “Easy as ABC”
By:Dr. Chuck AllgoodThis tech tip was written by Dr. Chuck Allgood with Chemours. Thanks, Dr. Chuck! While the ever-evolving world of refrigerants can often seem overwhelming with what seems like a never-ending parade of new gases being developed, taking a simplified approach may help clear the clutter. It can be as easy as A, B, […]
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Combustion Testing Doesn’t Stop in the Summer
By:Casey ContrerasThis tech tip was written by Casey Contreras. Casey is a field coach and instructor for the National Comfort Institute (NCI). Thanks, Casey! As HVAC technicians, our careers often focus on either cooling or heating. Because of this split view, we typically ignore gas-fired appliances during the cooling season. There are dangers lurking in […]
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Reviving History: Upgrading an 80-Year-Old Steam Boiler in Portland, Maine
By:Jennifer Manzo This tech tip was written by Jennifer Manzo. Thanks, Jennifer! As an HVAC technician in Maine, I've seen my fair share of aging systems, but nothing quite prepared me for the sight that greeted me while responding to a “no heat” call in a multi-family apartment building this winter. Stepping into the boiler […]
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The HVAC Technician’s Guide to Ensuring Comfort: Lessons from a Real-World Experience
By:Luke PetersonThis tech tip was written by Luke Peterson, the president of The Maintenance Department in Louisville, KY. Luke was a speaker at the 5th Annual HVAC Training Symposium in 2024 and has been on HVAC business panels at the symposium in 2023 and 2024. Thanks, Luke! As an HVAC technician, your primary goal is […]
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OK, But How Do I Actually “Do” a Manual T?
By:Matthew BrunerA few weeks back, I wrote an article called “5 Takeaways from Manual T.” That was a nice article, but I sense there was some disappointment. Some of you still want to know how to “do” a Manual T. Well, this article is for you! We are going to go through the process of […]
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Which Hose Do I Use?
By:Bryan OrrThis tech tip is a companion piece to a recent short podcast episode about the same topic. It contains links to the specific products mentioned in that podcast. You can also learn more about NAVAC products as a whole at https://navacglobal.com/. Our trade has a lot of cool tools. But while we’re thinking about […]
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Diagnosing ECM & X13 Motors
By:Bryan Orr First, let's give proper credit. Most of the best practices and tools for diagnosing ECM and X13 motors come from Regal/Genteq and their site, thedealertoolbox.com, and their app, The Dealer Toolbelt (available on the App Store and Google Play). Your best bet is to follow the practices shown there and use their TECInspect […]
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My Dad Changed HVAC & Me
By:Adam MufichWith Father's Day passing recently, I have been reflecting on my relationship with my Dad and how he has helped shape my journey through HVAC. It is more common than not to find people in residential HVAC to be a second or even third-generation tradesperson. Deciding to get into trade is easy when you […]
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