Shelby Breger
Company name: Conduit Tech
Position: Co-Founder

Shelby Breger is a Co-Founder of Conduit Tech, a platform that provides home evaluation and sales tools for residential HVAC contractors and energy auditors. She is also a Breakthrough Energy Fellow and a mentor at Greentown Labs.

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HVAC Moneyball: Could It Work?
By:Tim De StasioThis tech tip was submitted by Tim De Stasio. He originally published it on his website, which you can visit HERE. Thanks, Tim! Winning takes strategy and the right information. The HVAC business is no different.  But what information should we collect, even pay for, to get better and win? What if these […]
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Vacuum: Moisture vs. System Leak
By:Don GillisThis tech tip was written by Don Gillis with Chemours. Thanks, Don! Evacuation helps remove contaminants, like moisture and non-condensable gases, from HVAC/R systems, especially ones that are put into service for the first time or put back into service after a repair. Even though pulling a deep vacuum has always been a best […]
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One Way to Picture Superheat and Subcool
By:Matthew BrunerIt took me years to build a picture in my head of what superheat and subcool mean. They were these strange words that dropped out of nowhere when I entered the HVAC world, and in the midst of grappling with so many other things, I could tell they were very important. Over time, I […]
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Manual J in 15 Minutes?
By:Bryan OrrShelby Breger  Shelby Breger, co-founder of Conduit Tech, joins Bryan Orr on the HVAC School Podcast to discuss her company's innovative lidar-enabled design and sales software tool for HVAC contractors. Conduit Tech's software utilizes lidar sensors in iPads and iPhones to scan homes and create 3D models and 2D floor plans. It overlays […]
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Women in HVAC (Live Rebroadcast)
By:Shelby BregerSalli CobbJessica EaganMatthew BrunerJennifer Manzo  This podcast brought together several women working in the HVAC industry to discuss their experiences and offer advice. The conversation focused on the positives of working in HVAC as a woman, the importance of community, and the resources available. The women talked extensively about how welcoming and supportive […]
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