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Making Duct Systems Work
This tech tip recaps the livestream by the same name, featuring HVAC School contributors Matt Bruner and Adam Mufich, as well as special guests Ed Janowiak and David Richardson. You can watch that live stream on our YouTube channel HERE. It’s one thing to install a piece of equipment, but it’s another thing entirely to […]
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To Glass Ceilings And Those Who Lend Us Their Hammers
This tech tip was written by Jennifer Manzo, an HVAC technician and the founder of the HVA-Chicks coalition, which offers tech support and training as well as resources for women in the industry. She was one of our panelists on this year's Women's Panel at the symposium and was recently featured on a livestream and […]
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Angry Air
About a month ago, one of my techs went on a “no heat” call. The house is a rectory for the church next door. The call came in, and after he ran it, I assumed the problem was solved since I hadn’t heard otherwise.  A few weeks later, they called back, saying the boiler was out […]
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A2L Update With Chemours Live from AHR
 Don Gillis and Dr. Chuck Allgood from Chemours join the show to discuss their new easy as “1,2,3” branding around the A2L refrigerants R454A, R454B, and R454C. They explain that A2Ls are not actually flammable like hydrocarbons; they are just mildly combustible with much lower burning velocity and energy than propane or butane. The […]
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Balancing Evaporators in a Circuit Using the TXV
In this podcast episode, Bryan and Nathan discuss balancing evaporators in a multi-coil circuit. They specifically focus on using the TXV to do so. When we say “balancing evaporators” in a multi-coil circuit, we're referring to the temperature of the air leaving the system; we are worried about the air keeping the product cool in […]
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Grocery Refrigeration Talk #LIVE
In this live podcast episode, we have a fun conversation talking with Nathan Orr and Kevin Compass about grocery refrigeration. The most common types of calls are those where the machine is “not making temp.” Usually, the cases can't maintain temperature due to frozen evaporator coils or backed-up drains. On low-temperature/freezer applications, we must rely […]
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