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Universal Condenser Fan Wiring Options
By:JD Kelly Assessing the Situation It is fairly common for a service technician to come across a failed condenser fan motor in the field. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about really old or fairly new equipment—condenser fan motors sometimes fail. The issue is deciding whether to use an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or […]
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New A2L Refrigerants – “Easy as ABC”
By:Dr. Chuck AllgoodThis tech tip was written by Dr. Chuck Allgood with Chemours. Thanks, Dr. Chuck! While the ever-evolving world of refrigerants can often seem overwhelming with what seems like a never-ending parade of new gases being developed, taking a simplified approach may help clear the clutter. It can be as easy as A, B, […]
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Combustion Testing Doesn’t Stop in the Summer
By:Casey ContrerasThis tech tip was written by Casey Contreras. Casey is a field coach and instructor for the National Comfort Institute (NCI). Thanks, Casey! As HVAC technicians, our careers often focus on either cooling or heating. Because of this split view, we typically ignore gas-fired appliances during the cooling season. There are dangers lurking in […]
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Recovery Best Practices w/ NAVAC (Podcast)
By:Bryan OrrKevan Mayer In today's podcast, Kevan Mayer from NAVAC comes talks about recovery and ways to make it work better and more safely for you. Recovering refrigerant is better for the environment and safer for us. When designing recovery equipment, NAVAC's goal is to limit the gases we put into the atmosphere and leave […]
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How to Make a Flare That Won’t Leak (Podcast)
By:Bryan OrrKevan Mayer Kevan Mayer with NAVAC comes on and talks all about flaring best practices step by step. From cutting to reaming to torque wrenches, we cover how to make a flare from start to finish. The goal of making a good flare is to reduce leaks as much as possible, especially on ductless […]
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