Joseph C. Henderson
Company name: Hvac Consulting Services, LLC
Position: President

Joseph “Joey” Henderson has been an HVAC instructor at Midlands Technical College for over 30 years and has served as the Program Coordinator for HVAC for the last 6 years. He is also the president of his education and consulting company, Hvac Consulting Services, LLC, and is known for providing quality HVAC education to people at all stages of their careers while cultivating an energetic learning environment.

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The One Duct Leak You Didn’t Expect
By:Matthew BrunerSometimes, you just get lucky. Sometimes, you get sent out to install a unit in a closet! Although these types of installs have their challenges, at least for me, they have appeared easier on the surface. There is no return ductwork, as the unit sits on a platform. We are rarely disconnecting ducts in […]
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Static Pressure, Manometers, and Magnehelics
By:Bryan Orr When you start talking airflow, it can get pretty in-depth pretty quickly. There is a big gap between what is useful for the average tech to apply every day and the whole story, so let's start with the simplest part to understand: static pressure. Static pressure is simply the force exerted in all […]
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HVAC Moneyball: Could It Work?
By:Tim De StasioThis tech tip was submitted by Tim De Stasio. He originally published it on his website, which you can visit HERE. Thanks, Tim! Winning takes strategy and the right information. The HVAC business is no different.  But what information should we collect, even pay for, to get better and win? What if these […]
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Air Flow Diagnostics
By:Joseph C. Henderson
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