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Should I Pump Down or Recover?
During my second year in HVAC, the company I worked for was hired to fix some poor work that was done on a multi-head inverter system. The system used flare connections, and many of them were leaking. The system also had a branch box, which meant there were even MORE flares. So we pumped all […]
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Soft Lockout vs. Hard Lockout
If a furnace runs for years and years while tripping the limit switch but satisfies the thermostat, will it ever be noticed? The answer is most likely “no,” but it will depend on whether the furnace utilizes soft or hard lockouts when the limit switch trips. So, what is a soft lockout vs. a hard […]
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Size Matters — Industrial “Shortcomings”
This article was written by Jennifer Manzo, an HVAC technician and the founder of HVA-Chicks Coalition. You can find her on social media as @HVAChicksjennifer. Thanks, Jennifer! It’s no secret that the HVAC industry is in the throes of an oversizing epidemic. Instead of stating the obvious, I wanted to take a deep dive into […]
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Podcast guest:

Commercial PM Best Practices #LIVE
Eric Mele, Eric Kaiser, and John Oaks come on the podcast to talk about commercial PM best practices and what matters most. Drain cleaning is a critical part of the standard commercial PM. You must assess the drainage situation (pitch, length, location, etc.) to plan your cleaning strategy and arrive at the best result: the […]
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VRF in Real Life w/ John Oaks (Podcast)
In today's podcast, I talk to John Oaks about his experience as a VRF tech in the field, including branch boxes and two-pipe vs. three-pipe technology. John primarily works on the troubleshooting and service side rather than the installation and programming side of the field. Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, also called VRV systems when […]
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