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OK, But How Do I Actually “Do” a Manual T?
By:Matthew BrunerA few weeks back, I wrote an article called “5 Takeaways from Manual T.” That was a nice article, but I sense there was some disappointment. Some of you still want to know how to “do” a Manual T. Well, this article is for you! We are going to go through the process of […]
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Which Hose Do I Use?
By:Bryan OrrThis tech tip is a companion piece to a recent short podcast episode about the same topic. It contains links to the specific products mentioned in that podcast. You can also learn more about NAVAC products as a whole at https://navacglobal.com/. Our trade has a lot of cool tools. But while we’re thinking about […]
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Diagnosing ECM & X13 Motors
By:Bryan Orr First, let's give proper credit. Most of the best practices and tools for diagnosing ECM and X13 motors come from Regal/Genteq and their site, thedealertoolbox.com, and their app, The Dealer Toolbelt (available on the App Store and Google Play). Your best bet is to follow the practices shown there and use their TECInspect […]
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Measuring Duct Leakage To Outside
By:Chris HughesGeorge HughesAdam Mufich
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