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Diagnosing ECM & X13 Motors
By:Bryan Orr First, let's give proper credit. Most of the best practices and tools for diagnosing ECM and X13 motors come from Regal/Genteq and their site, thedealertoolbox.com, and their app, The Dealer Toolbelt (available on the App Store and Google Play). Your best bet is to follow the practices shown there and use their TECInspect […]
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Realistic Summer Triage Strategies
By:Bryan OrrThis tech tip is a companion piece to a recent podcast with Kevin Hart from HAVEN. We’ve already had some record-breaking heat here in Florida, and that’s translated to an overwhelming number of calls. We know our HVAC brethren in other areas have been working their tails off all the same.  Going without air […]
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3 Bad Reasons To Work Overtime
By:Matthew BrunerIt’s easy to see yourself as a hero during the summer months. Desperate families in sweltering houses sing your praises after you quickly swap out that capacitor or install that new unit and the first blast of cold air comes out of the vents. Most companies make or break in the summer months, using […]
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The Basic Refrigeration Circuit, Pressure & Enthalpy w/ Carter Stanfield (Podcast)
By:Bryan OrrCarter Stanfield Carter Stanfield, a co-author of Fundamentals of HVACR, talks about the entire refrigeration circuit. He also explains how to read and plot a pressure-enthalpy diagram. The refrigeration circuit has four main components: evaporator, compressor, condenser, and metering device. When teaching, Carter likes to explain that boiling is a cooling process and condensation […]
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