Bryan Orr
Company name: HVAC School
Position: Founder

Bryan is the founder of HVAC School. Established in 2016, HVAC School produces free educational podcasts, videos, and tech tips for HVAC and refrigeration professionals.

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Manual J Field Data: Windows
A manual J load calculation will require you to input the U-value for the windows or “fenestrations” on the house. Fenestration is a fancy construction word for window. Figuring out the U-value and SHGC of a window on an existing home is very difficult. But first, let’s dive into what the terms U-value and SHGC […]
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Gratitude and Reflection
I remember having conversations on the floor of AHR in Orlando in early 2020. There was talk of this new superbug that was causing issues in Asia. That year we had the first podcast pavilion, we had great conversations with Alex Meaney, Michael Housh, Andrew Greaves, Jim Bergmann and Rich Trethewey. Leilani and Bert walked […]
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Troubleshooting 90%+ Gas Furnaces
This tech tip recaps the livestream by the same name, featuring HVAC School contributors Matt Bruner and Adam Mufich and special guest Ty Branaman. You can watch that livestream on our YouTube channel HERE and visit Ty’s at While 80% gas furnaces are relatively commonplace in the Southeastern United States, where HVAC School is […]
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Locked Compressors and Hard Starts – Short #175
 In this short podcast episode, Bryan talks about locked compressors and hard starts. He explains what actually happens when a compressor locks and covers when and how to use hard starts appropriately. Locked compressors are compressors that trip on overload during startup; they're considered “locked” because the rotor doesn't turn inside the stator and […]
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Residential Exhaust Codes and Best Practices
 Licensed mechanical engineer Tony Amadio joins the podcast to talk about residential exhaust codes and best practices. He also put together a presentation about the topic, which you can view at When choosing duct materials for residential exhaust, you will want to stick to sheet metal and mind the gauge; flex ductwork can easily […]
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ACH (Air Changes Per Hour) – Short #174
 In this short podcast, Bryan talks about air changes per hour, also known as ACH, and what it means in HVAC design and indoor air quality (IAQ) discussions. ACH tells us how frequently the entire volume of air in a room or structure is replaced; we are referring to the cubic feet of air […]
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