Jim Bergmann
Company name: measureQuick
Position: President
Jim Bergmann is an HVAC specialist who has worked with Testo, TruTech Tools, and AccuTools throughout his career. He is also an industry educator and the current president of measureQuick, an app that helps technicians do better jobs with just-in-time education and assisted diagnosis.
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Why Checking Gas Valve Leakage is Hard
By:Jim BergmannBryan OrrThis article is an extension of HVAC School’s “How to Measure Gas Pressure” video. Additional input was provided by Jim Bergmann. Bubble test procedures and standards were provided by Honeywell. Links to source materials are available at the end of this article. If there’s one complaint that HVAC techs should never take lightly, […]
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Symposium Day 1 Introduction
By:Jim BergmannBryan Orr
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Electrification Panel
By:Jim BergmannBill SpohnKimberly Llewellyn
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Q&A with Jim B and Bryan Orr
By:Jim BergmannBryan OrrJoe MedoschBen Reed
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Proper System Commissioning w/ Jim Bergmann from AHR Live
By:Jim BergmannBryan Orr Jim Bergmann returns to the HVAC School podcast live from AHR 2022 to discuss a bit about proper system commissioning. He explains the commissioning mindset and some helpful procedures. Successful system commissioning starts with the mindset. A good commissioning organization broadens its vision; instead of focusing on the appliance, techs and installers […]
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Troubleshoot the System! w/ Jim Bergmann
By:Jim BergmannBryan Orr In today’s podcast, Jim Bergmann talks about troubleshooting the entire system. He takes a holistic approach to the art of troubleshooting, NOT just an equipment-centered one. According to NIST, the most common HVAC system problems are duct leakage, refrigerant undercharge, and oversized equipment (often for undersized ducts). Duct leakage heavily affects the […]
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Gas Furnace Diagnosis & Inspection w/Jim Bergmann
By:Jim BergmannBryan Orr In this podcast episode, Bryan and Jim Bergmann talk about gas furnace diagnosis and inspection. They cover the ins and outs of furnace assessment. A gas furnace diagnosis requires a few important measurements, but a solid visual inspection is perhaps even more vital. You'll want to look at the venting and condensate […]
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